Taylor Swift: Overhyped?

By Eden Nath

The infamous Taylor Swift has stolen people’s hearts ever since her debut as a 17-year-old country artist. She’s come a long way in her music career, and her fame hasn’t died down- in fact, it’s growing. Like every other celebrity with fame, she has her haters; I personally know lots of people who haven’t really listened to any of her music, who believe that she’s not a good artist, or who believe she’s overhyped. But I believe the exact opposite, and before you come at me, hear me out.

Swift is hands-down the most amazing lyricist I have ever listened to; she’s a poet and her verses are her incredible song lyrics. Some excerpts from her newer songs include, “Long limbs and frozen swims/You’d always go past where our feet could touch” (Marjorie, 2020), “Boys will be boys, then/Where are the wise men?” (Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince, 2019), “You showed me colours you know I can’t see with anyone else” (Illicit Affairs, 2020), and many more! Honestly, you have to listen to her songs to truly hear how great of a writer she is. Almost all of Swift’s songs tell a story, which makes them engaging and thought-provoking along with being melodically pleasing. To find an artist that can sing, write, play piano, and play guitar is relatively rare, and her understanding of music as an art form makes her stand out. 

She is, after all, Taylor Swift. Even her least popular songs have reached enviable levels of notoriety. Based on the total number of songs streamed on Spotify, Swift is the 2nd most streamed. This is linked to her rising fame on TikTok and her recent short film featuring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, which has given her a greater base of teenage listeners. I’m ecstatic that people are coming to recognize the amazing artist that Swift is, even though it took some of them a while.

Regardless of the music she is releasing, Swift is a great person. I admire her for being honest with the world about her beliefs instead of hiding them, as many artists do to avoid controversy. In Swift’s 2021 documentary, a Netflix original titled “Miss Americana”, she discusses her political views and how her manager and friends encouraged her not to mention these views on social media. Nevertheless, she spoke of her contempt of Donald Trump’s actions and expressed her complete support of the LGBTQ+ community. Swift is honest about how she feels and about her political views, no matter what backlash she may get.

Let’s face it, Taylor Swift is an amazing lyricist, person, and artist in general. All I ask is that before you dislike an artist who is as incredible as her: please, listen to a few of their albums first! Some of my favourite albums of hers are Red, Lover, Fearless, Folklore, Evermore- and, let’s face it, all of them. If you want to listen to what I believe to be some of her best, yet underrated, pieces, listen to “Paper Rings” (Lover), “The Man” (Lover), “Illicit Affairs” (Folklore), “The 1” (Folklore), “The Last Great American Dynasty” (Folklore), “I Almost Do” (Red), “Wonderland” (1989), and “Mine” (Speak Now). I will leave you with these few suggestions for now. And if you enjoy these suggestions, I recommend you take a day off and listen to all of her songs. Taylor Swift is an amazing, underrated artist who deserves every single one of her fans and more. I ask that you give great artists a try and don’t spread hate, because even if you may dislike an artist, your friends might not feel the same way.