By Shelley Debartolo

She, who should have held the ring that Ida wrongfully held,
Now cuts the ‘’cake’’
To all the daughters and sons
Who almost brainwashed her into invalidating her skin.
How could they cause such drama –
“We’ve all been immigrants, we’ve all been there, we’ve all had to run down our sneakers through holes turning to barefeet, screaming of pain to bring us to where we deserve,’’ the judge responded to Nadine’s now future enemy stepdaughter,
She might be living down the street,
But it was sure a court fight worth winning for Nadine.
‘’It’s not your skin that defines you, neither is the yellow parody of your mother’s.’’
Paulo would tell her.
And then it happened. She remembered.
The ring she now wears.

At the beginning she noticed huge ‘’stones’’ covering her path,
Nadine instinctively knew why they were there –
As she found herself abrading her hands from blood prints of those animals.
Last week she became aware of details,
She thought of the empress Clara who stood by her side, making sure nobody would out lie her arguments in court
By the turn of the week Nadine was madly in love with stone, only this time,
No ambuncious animals.
Today for the first time she noticed how glimmering her skin has grown,
But the stone Nadine wears on the ring shines with its own light,
It grows smoother and smoother.

And then it happened. She remembered.
The ring she now wears.