Ask Angel – Overwhelmed by School

What’s up? School’s turning out to be way harder than I expected. I feel as though I am drowning in work, how should I cope with this?

– sad face emoji girl

Hey Sad Face Emoji Girl,

It is incredibly normal to feel overwhelmed and as though you can’t get on top of things, but don’t let that discourage you. Keeping up with your school work can be very stressful and difficult, until you learn good tips and tricks to help you. While it may seem old school, try using a planner or schedule to write down all of the tasks you need to complete for the day, and another one for the week. Order your tasks by importance, and set a good amount of time aside for each task, so you are never caught off guard and find yourself going over your limit. Always be sure to schedule in time for relaxation, social breaks, and plenty of time to sleep, to make your schedule realistic and achievable. In your weekly calendar, leave a small chunk of time each day for overflowing work from the day before just in case you forget or run out of time. Putting your workload onto a calendar, planner or even a piece of paper allows you to acknowledge all of the assignments you need to accomplish, so you can have less anxiety and stress when it comes time to do it. 

To ensure that you are in an environment where you can be productive, you should set standards with your family about your workload, the time that you will need in order to be successful, and the environment that would best accommodate your learning. Try having a simple, open conversation with your parents, guardians, siblings, and anyone else who will be frequently in your home. If you do this, then you can limit distractions and interruptions while you complete your schoolwork, making you productive and the best student you can be. You should also set limits with your friends, so you don’t feel pressured to go out when you have assignments to complete. Let your peers know that you have work time scheduled in a specific period and you will be unavailable during that time. You can plan activities around your scheduled work so your time slots don’t overlap. 

The teachers here at Richview are dedicated to helping you and all of your fellow students, and will be open to having conversations with you to give you pointers on how to succeed in their class. If you talk to your teachers they can set aside extra help time to work with you on your assignments and allow you to achieve your goals. The senior students at RCI also offer tutoring and guidance, and are always helpful, as they have for the most part, grown accustomed to the teaching styles and workloads of the teachers at our school. There are also numerous skilled guidance counselors at Richview who are trained in helping students thrive and obtain good grades. 

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to schoolwork is common, and not something to be ashamed of. Planning your days and weeks with a calendar or planner allows you to be productive with your given time and avoid feeling submerged in your duties. Setting boundaries with your friends and family and making them aware of your scheduled work time can help them help you in your academic journey and limit distractions and disturbances during your programmed work plan. Using your resources provided by the school effectively can help you maintain a balanced workload and allow you to overcome this feeling of overload.