Ask Angel – The Other Super-Spreader STIs

So I hooked up with this girl at Richview and im like 95% sure I have an STD or something… like I know I forsure caught something cause its itching my uglies and Ive never had this before. Like do I confront her? I mean I have to tell her right cause like its like what if she’s a super spreader. Also im so embarrassed to tell my parents and friends like ugh

– possibly infected

Hey possibly infected,

Thank you so much for reaching out. It’s completely understandable that you are struggling with your feelings right now. However, I also want you to know that you have a community of people that will support you through this time.

With that being said, I would like to first advise you to talk to your parents. I’m sure it must be tough to have this discussion with them but full transparency will be required to know for sure if you even have an STD. There are many reasons why you could feel symptoms such as itching so you shouldn’t go through that extra stress before it is confirmed you need to. I would advise you to visit your local doctor’s office for testing and have your parents by your side as your guardians and for support. Moreover, your parent’s support will be integral if the test comes back positive. Most STDs can only be treated with medications and antibiotics, and will not disappear on their own. Therefore, confiding in your parents will allow you to get an adult’s opinion and guidance on the medications you take and on the situation in general. It’s important to take care of your safety first by trusting in your guardians and doctors. Doing so will better equip you in taking the mature precautions necessary to overcome this situation.

Secondly, if the test comes back positive, take some time to come to terms with the situation yourself, and have a conversation with the girl. It’s very possible that the girl is unaware she is spreading or even has an STD. Thus, having a mature discussion with her will ensure both you, her, and all future partners are safe. During your discussion, I’d advise having a private and respectful conversation where you can voice your concerns and course of action and where she can have a safe space to voice her thoughts as well. There exists a lot of stigma around STDs but the topic should never be ignored just because it’s a bit uncomfortable. During your discussion with the girl, getting prior support or advice from trustworthy friends, guidance counsellors, or your guardians is a wise idea. Having a strong support system for yourself will help you confront the girl and encourage her to find her own strong support system as well.

STDs have a reputation of being something to be embarrassed about, but they shouldn’t be. Sexuality is a normal and healthy aspect of life, and you aren’t the first or the last that will have to tackle an STD. You have no reason to be embarrassed so be bold in asking for help and support, and never be afraid to do what’s right for you. Wishing you the best of luck! 

With so much love,