About Us

The Richview Voice, based in Toronto, is Richview CI’s student newspaper. As an entity, the newspaper has been around forever, but The Richview Voice itself was founded in 2016. Currently, we are composed of over 40 editors, graphic designers, social media managers, writers, and artists. 

The Voice encourages creativity by providing an accessible platform to share student works with the community. We publish weekly content, including student life, creative writing, reviews, opinions, and advice. 


Christina Dinh

Head Editors

Alexandra Mizgala

Mona Urata

Noor Mirza-Rashid 

Shabahat-Noor Husnain 

Junior Editors 

Alissa Palkina 

Emelie Gosselin 

Katherine Hunt

Lauren Olszaniecki

Maureen Saha 

Mayumi King 

Head of Social Media 

Sophie Cook

Social Media Team 

Ayan Ahmed 

Dechen Chozom

Natalie Skinner 

Head of Photography

Mariam Al-Hulaibi

Photography Team

Melanie Jenkins

Rukiya Mohamed

Tenzing Sungkhor

Head of Graphic Design 

Claire Kim

Graphic Design Team 

Alessia Sciardi 

Meilin Cha 

Sh’rye Johnson 

Ask Angel Writers

Kasie Tran

Meg Johnstone

Rachel Carey-Smith

Shreya Rakhra

General Contributors

Abigail Marshall

Amnah Jaber

Ana Downes 

Andrea Dovale-Puig

Ben King

Benny Gibson-Streeter 

Claire Taylor 

Ekaterina Manukyan 

Flavia Allajbeu

Imani King 

Jasmine Miljure 

Kira Hurnytska 

Klodiana Kamberi

Lia Marchione 

Natasha Kangrga

Safia Osoble

Salma Osoble 

Sathya Siva

Shelley Debartolo Campos