Kamila Valieva & the Olympic Scandal

By Tenzin Choenyi

Russia was still able to compete in the Olympics despite not being in accordance with its rules.

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Ask Angel – The Other Super-Spreader STIs

So I hooked up with this girl at Richview and im like 95% sure I have an STD or something… like I know I forsure caught something cause its itching my uglies and Ive never had this before. Like do I confront her? I mean I have to tell her right cause like its like what if she’s a super spreader. Also im so embarrassed to tell my parents and friends like ugh

– possibly infected
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Ask Angel – Socially Distanced Friendships

Before the pandemic my friends and I were so close, now we barely hangout, they still hangout without me and I see it all the time on Snapchat. I really care about them and thought that they felt the same about me…do I confront them? 

– left behind
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You Are Beautiful.

By Caitlin Chung

A little girl, about 8 years old, walks into a dance studio for her very first ballet class. She’s wearing pink tights, leather ballet slippers, and a skintight black leotard. Her hair is combed back into a slick bun on the back of her head. Despite her clean appearance, she’s uncomfortable wearing something so revealing, and her head throbs a little from the awkward pulls of isolated strands of hair and dozens of bobby pins stabbed into her scalp. Yet, she is still excited, excited to feel like one of those beautiful ballerinas she admires on TV. 

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The Loneliest Killer Whale

By Elizabeth Skinner

No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Have you ever watched Free Willy? If not, let me summarize it for you. An orca named Willy was stolen from his family and taken to a marine park. He lived in a tank that was way too small for him, forced to perform in front of crowds. Eventually a teenage boy came along and freed him, back into the ocean, back with his family. Happily ever after, right? I know what you must be thinking – that’s a movie, what does this have to do with the real world? Well, art imitates life: the captive orca that played Willy, Kieko, had a very similar experience. He was taken from his family, forced to perform until enough people watched the movies, and guess what, he was released back into the wild! Crazy, right? Kieko got to live the rest of his life with his pod in the ocean. But what if this wasn’t the case for every orca out there?

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Sticky post

Richview’s Revised & Despised Cafeteria Policy

By the Voice Editorial Board

Since Ontario’s return to in-person learning one month ago and with the start of a new semester, Richview students have had to make a number of adjustments, most notably and controversially, regarding their lunchtime plans. Upon attempting to enter the cafeteria at the start of the 2nd semester, students were greeted by bouncer-esque staff explaining that per a COVID-era policy restricting cafeteria capacity, only 150 of Richview’s approximately 1100 attending students are now allowed access to the cafeteria. Richview’s cafeteria, in which students both purchase and eat food, is the school’s only dining environment, i.e. the only accessible location with actual tables and chairs.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home – Film Review

By Kasie Tran

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been a movie fans have been waiting for since the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home, released in 2019. The new movie was released December 17, 2021, and it is Sony Pictures’ highest-grossing film of all time at the worldwide box office with revenue over $1.73B. It surpassed that of its predecessor, Spider-Man: Far from Home, which made $1.13B. Before going into more details about the movie, please note that a SPOILER WARNING is in effect. 

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Boyfriend or Predator?

I’m in grade 9 and I am talking to an older guy in grade 12. Everyone says that the age gap is weird and that he is “preying” on me but it really doesn’t feel that way. I think he really cares about me and isn’t using me for my body or anything, my friends still think I should stop talking to him but I don’t really want to…how do I know for sure that he really likes me? 

– So in love?

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The Blue Checkmark: TikTok and the Personification of Capitalism

By Zayn Rashid

I’m sure that many of those reading this article are TikTok users who have at least once checked the comments on a popular video to see it flooded with blue checkmarks and corporate logos. Over the course of the past decade or so, the vast majority of customer-facing corporations have built, or have attempted to build, some form of social media presence in the hope of maintaining online relevance and expanding their market to younger generations. It’s a given that at some point, with TikTok having become one of the biggest online platforms, corporations were going to come ruin the fun, though this time in a form that we’ve never seen before. Continue reading The Blue Checkmark: TikTok and the Personification of Capitalism