The Gay Straight Alliance Is Ready For You!

By Laura MacInnes-Rae Richview has always been a school that offers a variety of extra-curricular opportunities; whether you’re a writer, baker, thinker, actor, philanthropist… It is nearing April but it is not too late to join up. Curious about current LGBTQ issues or got a passion for discussing injustice regarding the gay/straight alliance on a global scale? GSA represents Richview’s Gay Straight-Alliance club. It started … Continue reading The Gay Straight Alliance Is Ready For You!

Europe 2013 – An Unforgettable Journey

By Matt Reynolds This March break, 28 Richview students had the opportunity to visit some of Europe’s finest locations. The 12-day trip to Italy, France and Spain was organized by Ms. Calabria and Explorica Tours. Our journey begins in Italy… Rome After arriving in beautiful Rome and meeting our tour guide, a wonderful lady named Letitzia, the group took a short walk around the city. … Continue reading Europe 2013 – An Unforgettable Journey

Richview Students Return from Western Euro Trip

By William Westaway On March 17th, 34 Richview students and three of their teachers returned from a 12 day long trip to Western Europe. Visiting a total of three countries (France, Belgium and the Netherlands), countless monuments, sites and cities, the trip was a resounding success. On March 6th, the group left Toronto for Schiphol Airport, in Amsterdam. Led by Mr. Nunes, a former resident … Continue reading Richview Students Return from Western Euro Trip

Celebrating Girls Everywhere

By: Bianca Carelli Did you know 9/10 girls want to change something about their physical appearance? What about the fact that 6 in 10 girls do not participate in doing something they love because they lack body confidence? When we are all so unique, why do we want to change things about our outer selves? Being exposed to sexualized, photoshopped images of girls, creates false … Continue reading Celebrating Girls Everywhere

Grease is the WORD!

Richview Saints showed off their musical theatre talent with this past weekend’s high-energy stage production of Grease! The show portrays the young love of Sandy (played by Robyn Gallop grade 9 and Jessica Bell grade 11) and Danny Zuko (Jesse Ibanez). The singing and dancing by all the actors this year was an impressive demonstration of talent and teamwork. Danny Zuko’s The T-Birds, made up of Daniel … Continue reading Grease is the WORD!

A Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

It sits among the greatest of the year By Bryan Travers I find it challenging to review games like The Elder Scrolls: 5 Skyrim because no matter how much you play it, you’ll always feel like there’s something you haven’t seen yet.  It could be a boss you haven’t killed, a town you haven’t helped or a dungeon you haven’t cleared.  This however, is what … Continue reading A Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim