A Review of Starfox 64 3D

Starfox 64 3D, too retro for its own good? By Bryan Travers Even the most diehard and stubborn Nintendo fan has to admit that the launch line up for the 3DS isn’t quiet going as planned. It started off fantastic with some of the best companies in the industry all coming together in an attempt to … Continue reading A Review of Starfox 64 3D


SOMA: Model United Nations

Are you interested in international relations? What about debating? If so, the Model United Nations club might be for you! Our big event, SOMA (Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly), will be held Aptil 18th-20th. There are a several English committees as well as a French committee. Applications are due December 1st! If you're interested, … Continue reading SOMA: Model United Nations

Yearbook: Grad photos are starting!

Hey RCI Grads! It's almost time to start taking your Grad photos for the Yearbook, so start brainstorming ideas! They will be taken alphabetically, based on LAST names. The month of DECEMBER is for Grads with last names beginning with A, B, C and D! Please don't miss your month; it'll be difficult to squeeze … Continue reading Yearbook: Grad photos are starting!

Muskoka Woods Applications

It's that time of year again! Muskoka Woods applications are available for any Grade 11s or 12s who would like to participate in this wonderful leadership initiative. Please fill out the forms and hand them in by the deadline written on each form to the Boys Phys. Ed office. Muskoka Counsellor Executive Application Muskoka Counsellor … Continue reading Muskoka Woods Applications

Grade 9 Initiation!

Today was the day! The Grade 9s decked out in their Richview colours and got a chance to participate in fun activities and make new friends. They got dirty with ketchup, mustard, shaving cream, and oil! Yum! Let's keep that school spirit going for the school year! Go Saints Go!

The Herald is Recruiting!

Welcome to Richview's new school newspaper, After three years of absence, the Richview school newspaper has returned. We are excited to bring you a fully online newspaper that will not only report on the latest comings and goings in our school, but also provide accessible information about clubs, sports teams, and upcoming school functions. However, … Continue reading The Herald is Recruiting!

Finally a school newspaper!!

It's almost here .....