Canada’s Luckiest Student

At the University Fair in September one booth was claiming to have amazing scholarships and prizes to give out, that booth was for Canada’s Luckiest Student. This is the fourth year that Student Life Network has given out prizes that go to students going into University. There are lots of prizes to be won with a grand prize at the end of the contest and tons … Continue reading Canada’s Luckiest Student

Welcome to London, Paris,Rome and Florence! March Break 2015

 Richview is offering an amazing travel experience, full of learning opportunities and incredible sights  Our goal isto provide Richview students with cross-curricular and career opportunities by observing how the disciplines in science, math, history and the arts have influenced Western industry and culture. We will also experience firsthand how Europe’s entrepreneurial spirit has been utilized, enabling them to become world leaders in fashion, business, photography, culinary … Continue reading Welcome to London, Paris,Rome and Florence! March Break 2015

Let the Season Begin!

By: Lauren Bailey Richview’s Junior and Senior boys’ football teams are back for another great season to come! On Friday September 13th, Richview faced their first game of the season against Lauren Park.  Although there was no score for the exhibition game, the teams have been practicing very hard and are ready for a big season! With the dedicated coaching from Mr.K, Coach Joe and … Continue reading Let the Season Begin!

Scuibblenaughts Unlimited Review

By Bryan Travers For those of you who don’t know the backstory of these games allow me to explain: Scuibblenaughts Unlimited is the third game in the Scuibblenaughts franchise. The first game; simply titled “Scuibblenaughts” gained a lot of hype when it was first announced because it allowed the player to write any noun in the English dictionary, and it would appear in game as … Continue reading Scuibblenaughts Unlimited Review

The Inside Ride: Saints Raising Money for Kids with Cancer

Every year since 2010 Richview students and teachers have participated in the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation’s Inside Ride. This event is Canada’s first indoor cycling challenge and fundraising event dedicated to raising monies in support of families and children with cancer. 100 % of all (receiptable) donations is distributed where the needs are greatest, including funding of oncology camps, community support programmes, research … Continue reading The Inside Ride: Saints Raising Money for Kids with Cancer

Girls Who Are Playing In A Boy Dominated Sport

By Sierra Bein Kick flips, pop shuvs, varials and riding fakie are not the type of things that usually pop up in conversation between two girls. Aliya Bein and Savannah Bein, are definitely not ordinary girls. In grade 5, Savannah started skateboarding with CJ’s Skateboard Park and School which is owned by Jay Mandarino, president of CJs Graphics. Savannah later got her sister involved at … Continue reading Girls Who Are Playing In A Boy Dominated Sport

Two Bands You Should Be Listening To

By Alexis Apostolidis Teen Dream – Beach House Beach House is a dream-pop band consisting of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand. Teen Dream is their third album and it starts off with “Zebra” a catchy song with a calm positive feel. It’s a great spring time track. “Silversoul” is beachy and sounds a bit droned in a good way. It feels very laidback, retro and … Continue reading Two Bands You Should Be Listening To