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Football Season By Hayley Hutton

Football Season!

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New Year’s Eve by Emma Bartlett

Expectation Vs Reality: New Years Eve


Elements of Art Photography 17/18

Slide show of the best submissions for grade 11 photography elements of Art 17/18


Autumn Photography 17/18

Slideshow of the best submissions for the grade 11 photography Autumn 17/18

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Winter?! by Emma Bartlett


6 Key Events From July-November 2017

Recap on 6 key events from around the globe.


Richview Girls Basketball: Bound To Win

Girls basketball has always been one of Richview’s best sports. We have claimed the city championship many times between both the senior team and the junior team. Last year, the junior girls came out on top winning every single game they played, cinching city championships once again. The senior team has also always looked strong,… Continue reading Richview Girls Basketball: Bound To Win