Retro-Futuristic landscapes Graphic Design 17/18

Slideshow of the best Graphic design retro-futuristic landscapes 17/18


Elements of Art Photography 17/18

Slide show of the best submissions for grade 11 photography elements of Art 17/18


Autumn Photography 17/18

Slideshow of the best submissions for the grade 11 photography Autumn 17/18

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Managing Anxiety

School can be a stressful place for everyone, there’s no doubt about it. But sometimes, certain aspects can be especially demanding, depending on the person. High heart rate, shallow breathing, and an endless amount of thoughts -- you guessed it, anxiety. It’s not a very fun thing to have, and it definitely isn’t easy to… Continue reading Managing Anxiety

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A Writer’s Bane

Tea sat on desk, ready to go, But thoughts churning like a washing machine set to slow. Pencil poised in an undecided hand, Oh how I wish I had something planned! Back and forth, side to side A cycle endless, and I’m the ride, Empty papers reflect my soul, A world away from a simple… Continue reading A Writer’s Bane

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How to Conquer the Monster: Stress!

Sitting at the table for the past three hours, and a blank page screaming at you to get your life together, to start writing already, was definitely not helping anyone calm down. Every time you put pen to paper, another project or problem would pop into your head, until you had assignments, people, places, dates,… Continue reading How to Conquer the Monster: Stress!

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Study Tips & How to be Successful in High School

High school is where a lot of us make the friends that we keep for life and it is also where we develop our own study habits which stay with us for the rest of our lives. Just like many other habits, the sooner you start practicing and developing them, the higher the chance is… Continue reading Study Tips & How to be Successful in High School