Disappointment and Criticism Over Cancellation of World Junior Hockey Championships

By Ethan Theophilos

The World Junior Hockey Championships have been cancelled less than a week into the tournament. For the second year in a row, Edmonton hosted the annual event organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The champion was supposed to be crowned on January 5, 2022, but the spread of the Omicron variant means this exciting series had to come to an end earlier than we had all hoped.

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SAINTS WIN: A Friday Night Lights Recap


By Charlie Taaffe

On Friday, October 18th, I was lucky enough to witness my last FNL as a student at Richview Collegiate. I walked into Centennial Stadium and looked at the crowd full of students, past and present. I realised that even if these were two regular Canadian High school football teams, this meant a lot to the local community and Etobicoke as a whole. Continue reading “SAINTS WIN: A Friday Night Lights Recap”

Richview Girls Basketball: Bound To Win

Girls basketball has always been one of Richview’s best sports. We have claimed the city championship many times between both the senior team and the junior team. Last year, the junior girls came out on top winning every single game they played, cinching city championships once again. The senior team has also always looked strong, with many amazing new players that fill the spots of … Continue reading Richview Girls Basketball: Bound To Win

Let the Season Begin!

By: Lauren Bailey Richview’s Junior and Senior boys’ football teams are back for another great season to come! On Friday September 13th, Richview faced their first game of the season against Lauren Park.  Although there was no score for the exhibition game, the teams have been practicing very hard and are ready for a big season! With the dedicated coaching from Mr.K, Coach Joe and … Continue reading Let the Season Begin!

Girls Who Are Playing In A Boy Dominated Sport

By Sierra Bein Kick flips, pop shuvs, varials and riding fakie are not the type of things that usually pop up in conversation between two girls. Aliya Bein and Savannah Bein, are definitely not ordinary girls. In grade 5, Savannah started skateboarding with CJ’s Skateboard Park and School which is owned by Jay Mandarino, president of CJs Graphics. Savannah later got her sister involved at … Continue reading Girls Who Are Playing In A Boy Dominated Sport

April Buyout

By Sarah Krichel “The juniors were impressive, Elijah Miller went to work.” ​-Scott McInroy, Grade 12 Richview student ​Another Richview buyout, a success! It’s a Richview tradition to allow the students to buy their way out of class for the afternoon to watch and support their fellow Saints. Our students had the opportunity to witness 4 of our teams in action; the Junior Girls Volleyball … Continue reading April Buyout