Best Buddies

Best buddies is a club at Richview, run by Mme. Bourgeois, which promotes respect for all people in society allowing Richview students to form friendships with kids that have disabilities.  This club is unlike any club at Richview because it’s a student lead initiative with a student executive council.

For a whole year these students plan a fundraiser, which includes selling crispy cream donuts and a conference, which they attend in the fall.  They also have four general events (Halloween, Friendship Month, and Spring/Summer Fest) with games and food, where the members and the students with disabilities attend and a bowling trip that happens once a year.  The events begin once the students from every grade sign up in September and go through an interview, which shows their commitment to the club and their peers.

This club will help the kids of Richview make new friends, participate in fun activities, make others feel included and most of the hours go towards your volunteering hours if you haven’t completed them yet or just want extra.


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