Music Programs


Richview’s music program is led by dedicated teachers, Ms. O’Brien and Ms. Kalkan, who provide the students with various musical opportunities. Entering Grade 9 students may either take Junior Band (lower level), Intermediate Band (higher level), or Intermediate Strings. Previous experience with the instruments is not required. Students will move on to Senior Band and Senior Strings in Grade 11 and 12. Both Strings and Band entail weekly morning practices, which start at 7:45 am. There is also Junior and Senior Orchestra, which merge Strings and Band to provide the supreme harmony for concerts. There are two concerts throughout the year—Winter and Spring Concert—in which families, teachers, and friends are all invited to come. Music class often makes trips to watch a musical or listen to a concert outside of school. For Senior Band students, they may even get an opportunity to create their own musical, which include composing their own songs, writing the scripts, and even performing in front of the class and other guests! For extracurricular music programs, students can join Stage Band (or Jazz Band), Choir, and Flute Ensemble. They may require practices in the morning or after school. Join Richview’s Music Program and be part of a new family that is connected by common passion for music!


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