Friday Night Lights 2012

The Richview Athletic Council is a club that plans all of the sports related events that occur throughout the year at Richview. Our club organizes events such as sports games, tournaments and pep rallies. We teach members of the RAC how to score keep and be linesmen for all different types of sports games. Some of the largest events that we plan are Friday Night Lights, the Inside Ride, and the Athletic Banquet. Our club is busy all year round, planning and organizing for sports teams of all seasons. Our club meets every Tuesday at lunch, but when an event is coming up we tend to meet an extra day at lunch during the week. We plan three large events, and numerous small events such as pep rallies, barbeques and sports games.  The final, large event we plan is the Athletic Banquet which appreciates and honours student’s athletic excellence throughout the year. We give allocated awards to students that have excelled in their field, or multiple fields of sports. The head of the athletic department, Mr. K, is in charge of running The RAC. We begin taking signup forms for the RAC at the end of the school year in May. Students of all ages can sign up for the RAC, whether they have played a sport or not. We look for enthusiastic students that are willing to take charge when it comes to planning and organizing important events. We also look for inventive thinkers that may help our club brainstorm new ways to improve the events we plan. Students should want to be involved in this club because it is a great way to meet awesome people, get involved in the school, learn new things, and take on a good deal of responsibility in our school. This year has been a great success for us as a club, where our Inside Ride event raised over 20,000$. The events we plan throughout the year always run smoothly because of the hard work, and dedication our members put forth. The Richview Athletic Council is a fantastic club to join and is a lot of fun to be a part of here at Richview!


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