Youth in Control

Youth in Control is a year round club and Richview Collegiate.  With the help of Ms. Markakos, the student members help raise awareness to the serious issue of impaired and distracted driving, in order to help people make better decisions.  Youth in Control starts taking members in September, although anyone is welcomed to join at any point in the year.  The club meets weekly and general members come to meetings once a month of whenever there is an event.  Typically, there are 4-5 events per year, including serious and informative assemblies, and events that bring more of a lighter tone while still informing students about the dangers of impaired driving.  Some of these more fun events include car washes, smoothie sales, bake sales and drug awareness week.  The year usually ends off with a bake sale or smoothie sale.  It is a great club to be apart of for anyone who has been personally affected by impaired or distracted driving and anyone in general who would like to raise awareness for the cause.  Some past successes of the club include being in the top 3 for TDSB wide scrapbook competitions as well as presentations for Toronto Public Health.


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