Accounting Contests

The business department at Richview participates in two contests each year. Both contests require you to be in either grade 11 or 12 because the content of the test is taught through the accounting curriculum. The first is the COIN contest sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants and OEBA (Ontario Educators Business Association) Business Contest is the other. Both contests takes place in late May. Registration opens online in late fall and closes in early spring for the COIN contest. For the OEBA, the top five students from each accounting class are selected to participate in the contest. Those students are chosen by Mrs. Markakos. The COIN contest has a cash prize for first place provided to both the student and the school. An additional bonus from the COIN contest is that they publish notable students online allowing individuals to get recognition among business leaders. Both contests are a great opportunity to demonstrate your accounting knowledge and learn about the professions in the business world. The contests are especially great for those seeking to get their accounting destination. Mrs. Markakos is responsible in our school for both the COIN and OEBA contests.


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