Math Contests

The Waterloo Math Contest is held once a year. It is a fun way for students to learn math and to be exposed to different aspects of math. It allows students to challenge themselves using a problem solving approach and it gives them an opportunity to see how their skills math compare with other students in Canada. The Pascal (Grade 9), Cayley (Grade 10), and Fermat (Grade 11) contests are held in March, while the Euclid (Grade 12) is held in April. There are practice sessions once a week, starting 8 weeks before the date of the contest. If you are interested, Mr. Heron, Mr. Ansuh, and Ms. Lasan would be happy to sign you up. The sign up usually happens in early December and it is open to all students, no matter their mark in math. If you achieve higher than 75% on the contest, you receive a medal and/or certificate. In 2013, Reid McInroy, a Grade 9 student, achieved 100% on the Pascal contest. He received a certificate, medal, plaque, and an offer to participate in further math studies at York University during the summer. The contest gives students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and learn extra mathematics, which is very helpful in the future.


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