Media Students in NYC

The New York trip is a long-standing Richview tradition.  Built largely around the Media studies curriculum, it is an experience that the students look forward to as a culminating moment, which synthesizes a lot of their high school learning.  New York is an opportunity for students to grow socially and emotionally giving them a unique opportunity to forge new friendships, cement old ones and introduces them to a wide range of experiences in North America’s media capital all while allowing them to further develop their leadership and cooperative skills as young adults preparing to go away to university.

The uniqueness of this trip lies in the custom activities designed by our own innovated Media teacher Scott Johnstone; inspired activities bring to life the various learning which takes place, not just in the Media and Writer’s Craft classrooms, but cross-curricularly.  Some of the specific attractions include:

  • Television studio tours (NBC)
  • Museum of Television and Radio
  • Museum of the Moving Image
  • Movie screening at independent movie houses showing rare films and documentaries from around the world, as well as entrance into the Tribeca Film Festival
  • The Film and Media department at the MOMA (world’s largest collection of film, documentaries, and educational pieces)
  • Visits to world renowned museums such as the MET
  • Spoken word demonstration, writing workshop and on stage performance at the Nyorcian Poets’ Cafe.
  • Broadway theatre
  • Walking tours of significant NYC landmarks, including famous television and movie locations
  • History tour of the history of Hip Hop and its’ role and influence in pop culture around the world.
  • Breakdancing lessons from award winning BBoys.
  • Live Improv performance at UCB, New York’s premier improv theatre school
  • Live music performace at one of New York’s premier music venues such as Cafe Wha?, BB King, etc.
  • The Amazing Race: NYC: A unique (custom designed) urban adventure that requires participants to exhibit teamwork, resourcefulness, determination and the ability to make decisions on the fly as they search for scattered points in locations throughout Times Square and the vicinity.

The New York trip runs every year in early May, with sign up happening during the early fall. Students enrolled in Media and Writer’s Craft will receive more information in class.


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