SAC Elections

Richview is holding elections for Student Council! We have spoken to all the candidates running for Vice-President and President for our student body. We each asked them what their visions are for Richview, and what differentiates them from other candidates running for the same position. If you’re still not sure who to vote for, check out their statements and vote for who you believe will best represent you!

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Presidential Candidates

I am a doer. When I say I’m going to make something happen, I exhaust every possible means to keep my word. That’s what makes me stand out. 

As SAC my priority will always be my peers and their desires for the 2020/21 school year. The pandemic has presented many challenges about safely navigating activities and I’m here to tell you I will bring back fun (safely of course). With constant updates about Covid and new guidelines, we can start planning different scenarios for prom and graduation, two very important events for our senior students. It’s important everyone’s ideas our tabled and would like to  involve the seniors to help make key decisions.

My goal however isn’t just to help make the grade twelve’s year better, I want the entire school to feel the Richview magic. Let’s have monthly spirit days; display our school pride through new merch; and continue to fundraise for our community. A vote for me is really a vote for YOU! My passion, dedication and hard work will produce results. If you’re ready to get some fun back into your life, vote Alexa for president. Even google would agree Alexa’s the best person for the job!


Vote Emilija Kalinic for President! ❤️💛

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My name is Emilija Kalinic and I am running for SAC President! Even though this is a very unprecedented and challenging year for all of us, my vision is to still make it the best one yet! Through my role as President, I would hope to bring some extra happiness and excitement to Richview that everybody could use during these difficult times. I hope to be a voice for all students to share their ideas and concerns and want them to know that I am here for them, first and foremost as a friend, no matter what! 

I have many ideas that I hope to implement, following the safety guidelines, including: planning an amazing senior prom, school activities and fundraisers, virtual games, competitions and peer tutoring sessions, yearbook, spirit days, saints merch and collaborations with various Richview clubs, just to name a few. I also wish to create a proper welcome for our grade nines because although we cannot go to Muskoka, we could still try and give them that memorable experience. 

I differ from the rest of the candidates because I am a very hard working person who truly puts 100% of their effort and heart into everything they pursue and will get the job done! I am also very organized, caring, driven, friendly, a good communicator and listener and do not stray from a challenge. I am highly involved and have shown great leadership around Richview as I have been a part of the volleyball team for all my years, Co-Ed volleyball and have also been an active member of and won Awards for DECA, been a Muskoka TA and Cabin Lead and much more. If I am chosen for this position, I will do everything in my power to make this year one to remember and try to make everyone’s highschool experience even just a little bit better. To accomplish this, I need your support and your vote! Let’s do this together Richview! Remember to vote for the girl with the smile because she will always go the extra mile! 

Hi Richview, my name is Kristina Kardum and I am running for this year’s SAC president. Ever since grade 9 at Richview, I have loved how Richview has been such a positive place for students to grow into genuine human beings. My vision is to make    Richview fun for students virtually despite these circumstances. But even if this pandemic wasn’t happening in the world right now, my vision for Richview has never changed. I genuinely care about all students at Richview and I want to make this school more positive than it already is. Making people happy is one of the things I love most in the world so if you elect me as your SAC president, I truly won’t disappoint you. For Success, Choose the Best. Thank you, Richview.❤️

Hey Richview! My name is Zora, and I’m a grade 12 running for your SAC President! My goal is to make this year as enjoyable as it can be, while also implementing some plans to help create a better community! 

From alternative Richview traditions such as Muskoka Woods, Mono Cliffs, and prom, to designing an even better SAC clothing line, I’ll be sure to have as many of them as possible or find amazing alternatives if needed. With school also being very different than what we’re used to, I also want to help ease the stress by providing more academic, and mental health support- such as peer tutoring, or a “de-stress week” after each quad for school wide events/games! 

Moreover, an initiative I haven’t heard the other candidates mention yet, is that I WILL speak out against the discrimination that occurs not only in our society, but the school community as well. We should be able to openly speak about these inequities such as racism, Islamophobia, and homophobia, and ACT on it. I’ll be sure to listen to all of your voices and ensure that you are all represented as part of the Richview student body. 

If you want to see all these changes for this year, vote for me as your president 🙂

Candidates for Vice-President

My main focus for this year is communication, equity and ensuring the Student Body still has events such as Muskoka Prequel, Coffee House and Spirit Days. What makes me different than other candidates is that i want to heavily focus on education about topics such as racial inequality, islamophobia, misogyny, etc. Additionally, especially this year, mental health should be a top priority to everyone. Quadmesters can be quite stressful and draining to students so supplying them with FREE peer-tutors and resources to cope is essential. Along with that, I want to make sure that the grade 9’s feel welcomed and that the grade 12’s have the send off they were always hoping for. By bringing back socially distanced and virtual events, I believe we can still get the grade 9’s together! For the grade 12’s, the more extravagant the better. Although, we also have to keep in mind the COVID guidelines so I will definitely keep that in mind when planning.

Hey Saints! My name is Christina Franco. I am a grade 12 student here at Richview and also one of this year’s candidates for SAC Vice President. As Vice President, it would be my responsibility to be a dedicated leader, help execute and coordinate fun activities around the school, and plan this year’s Graduation Formal.

 My goal is to make this an amazing school year, by ensuring that ALL students have the opportunity to voice their opinions and by planning many fun events both in person and virtually. As Vice President, I will plan an amazing prom night that is both fun and safe so that everyone feels comfortable attending. Starting with an outdoor venue; to keep it Covid friendly, as well as great music and an amazing atmosphere, I promise that prom will be a night to remember. While school may be very different than what we are used to, I promise to help plan and execute many fun activities throughout the year. This year, I will help organize a virtual Coffee House, Richview Spirit Events, a virtual Muskoka Woods Experience for our grade 9s, a Richview Clothing Line, Online Competitions, a Yearbook, and so much more. 

If given the opportunity to be Vice President, I will ensure that everyone has an amazing experience here at Richview. With that being said, I would like to thank everyone for all of the support thus far, trust me it does not go unnoticed, and I look forward to all of the fun events to come. Remember to Vote Christina Franco for your SAC Vice President! I PROMise you won’t regret it! 

I’m the former President at John English, and that alone makes me the most experienced candidate running. Additionally, I’m really trying to get the school year back on track, and increase communication between the students and school council through the instagram account and maybe even a Google Classroom eventually. My end goal is to buy new equipment and plan original fundraisers for the school to fund this, and I promised and delivered virtually the same thing at John English (fixing & ordering new Basketball nets).

Candidates For Communications

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Voting is open until Wednesday November 11, so remember to cast your ballots!!

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