Junior Girls


The Junior Girls Basketball team at Richview Collegiate Institute is a sport where grade nine and ten girls show their passion as well as their skill development towards basketball. The girls’ Coach, Ms. Chreppas discussed with us that when coaching, she wants her team to harness their energy in the positive direction; using their skills and mind to control their movement, while at the same time; having fun. Chreppas teaches her players how to use their abilities so they can grow more as an athlete. The Junior Girls Basketball team occurs in the fall season, therefore tryouts would happen to fall within the first week of September, just when school starts. Ms. Chreppas wants the girls to be physically and mentally active while playing against other schools, so she holds practices three days a week. The girls play seven to nine games within the season. The Championships are held in the first week of November, so they spend two solid months preparing.  Girls who are just joining Richview for the first time, and have no clue what to do; take a chance and tryout for the Junior Girls Basketball team. Ms. Chreppas would love to coach you. Don’t get involve for the wrong reasons, join because the Junior Girls Basketball team is a sport where new friendship is made, a family is formed, and Ms. Chreppas coaches you to use your strength to become a better player.  Just recently, our Junior Girls Basketball team made it to West Region Finals 2013, congratulations ladies.

So get involved in Richview and join the Junior Girls Basketball team, you won’t regret it.


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