Swim Team


Looking for a sport’s team but have no particular skill or just looking to have fun? Well look no further because students should check out the RCI swim team!

The only requirement is that students must be able to swim at least 2 lengths of the pool.

The RCI swim is a yearly coed, meaning both girls AND guys can join. The season goes from the first week of November to the first week of March. Practices are in the morning before school, twice a week. The team is fairly large with a minimum of 30 swimmers. This allows students to meet new people and gain a whole lot of new friends (not just on Facebook). It also allows student coaches the opportunity to gain volunteer experience.

The swim team’s skill level varies from beginners to those that swim competitively.

Swimmers get the chance to swim at the University of Toronto invitational and at the McMaster University invitational. There will be 2-3 league meets, meaning that students swim against schools within the RCI area. Just like any other sport’s team, the swim team competes in regionals, then cities, and finally OFSSAA. Regionals and cities happen at the end of February while OFSSAA takes place during the first week of March.

RCI has definitely had its fill of swimming champs! There have been medals, especially a lot of gold medals. The swim team has also attended OFSSAA every year for the past 15 years!

Sign up begins first week of November.

Have any questions? Go see Ms. Pereira or Ms. Diomis because students won’t want to miss an opportunity like this!


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