Water Polo

Water polo is a new sport to the TDSB and is very selective.  Richview Collegiate Institute introduced their first water polo team in 2007.  Water polo is a team water sport that incorporates swimming and basketball in one.  This water polo team plays in the shallow and deep end and is a co-ed team.  The water polo team is a spring season sport that runs from April to June.

The Richview water polo team is very committed and serious about their sport.  They practice once a week in the morning for an hour.  They play many games throughout their season, approximately four to six games are played including semi-finals and finals.  This sport is played in the north region meaning that everyone in Toronto plays for the one region and verses about eight to twelve different teams.

There is no OFSAA offered for water polo although there are finals.  Finals take place the first week of June and compete for the championship title.  The coach for this team at Richview is Ms. Pereira, who is just as committed and hard working as the players.       Tryouts begin the first week of April and are open to anyone who is interested.  Students of both male and female gender that are interested in joining this team must be able to tread water in the deep end for five minutes and be able to swim fifty meters.

Water polo is a specialized sport that incorporates skills from other sports, such as basketball and soccer in terms of how they are played.  This team is an excellent off season sport and allows students that have taken part in fall sports to take a break and create a good cross over in terms of timing.

The first year that water polo started at Richview, the team came second in city championships.  To date, they have won three city championships and came in second twice.  Since 2007, the team has received first or second place ranking at Richview Collegiate Institute.  Water polo is a fun and interactive sport that all high school students should get involved in.  It is an excellent way to meet new friends, try new things and have tons of fun!


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