Ask Angel – Improving Work Ethic

How can I fix my studying ethic

– materialgorl

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Ask Angel – Mother’s Day

Angel answers the question…

“Mother’s Day is coming up and I have no idea what to get my mum, she has everything and because of the lockdown I don’t want to leave it until the last minute. Please help me come up with ideas.” Continue reading Ask Angel – Mother’s Day

Ask Angel – First Year Fears

I might be living on campus when I go to university. I’m nervous to be on my own. How will I manage everything in a new setting alone? – Anonymous

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Ask Angel – Boyfriend vs Bestfriend

Angel answers the question…

Yesterday, my boyfriend came up to me and told me that my bestfriend tried to make a move on him. I’ve only known my best friend for two years, but I trust her. The problem is, I have dated my boyfriend since before Covid and I trust him as well. Anyways, I went to go confront her and she told me that my boyfriend had tried to hookup with her twice already. She didn’t tell me because she wanted our relationship to work out, I seemed so happy. She also said that she was going to tell me but then he beat her to it. I talked to my boyfriend again. He said she’s been flirting with him for a while and denies everything she said. I am currently not speaking to either of them but I don’t want to lose them!

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