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Richview’s Revised & Despised Cafeteria Policy

By the Voice Editorial Board

Since Ontario’s return to in-person learning one month ago and with the start of a new semester, Richview students have had to make a number of adjustments, most notably and controversially, regarding their lunchtime plans. Upon attempting to enter the cafeteria at the start of the 2nd semester, students were greeted by bouncer-esque staff explaining that per a COVID-era policy restricting cafeteria capacity, only 150 of Richview’s approximately 1100 attending students are now allowed access to the cafeteria. Richview’s cafeteria, in which students both purchase and eat food, is the school’s only dining environment, i.e. the only accessible location with actual tables and chairs.

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The Blue Checkmark: TikTok and the Personification of Capitalism

By Zayn Rashid

I’m sure that many of those reading this article are TikTok users who have at least once checked the comments on a popular video to see it flooded with blue checkmarks and corporate logos. Over the course of the past decade or so, the vast majority of customer-facing corporations have built, or have attempted to build, some form of social media presence in the hope of maintaining online relevance and expanding their market to younger generations. It’s a given that at some point, with TikTok having become one of the biggest online platforms, corporations were going to come ruin the fun, though this time in a form that we’ve never seen before. Continue reading The Blue Checkmark: TikTok and the Personification of Capitalism

How Where You Pee Exposes Your Inner Self

By Emma Padure

Honestly, I hate listening to people complain. I always end up zoning out, paying attention only to the subtle movements of their eyebrows whilst they move from one subject to the next, effectively rendering me comatose. Then, when they finish their complaint, they look at me expectantly, waiting for a grand declaration of my sympathy for their suffering. 

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Richview’s Election Mishap

By Lauren Olszaniecki

Richview’s 2021 SAC Elections were executed in a fairly entertaining, yet disappointing series of blunders. In fact, Richview may have ended up without an SAC this year, if not for the *rumoured* actions of one electoral candidate… Thankfully, though, our school administration was eventually able to run the vote… by Google Form. 

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