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Skam and its International Appeal

I can distinctly remember the day I started watching Skam because it was the day after the American presidential election. I guess I was in some sort of shock so I distracted myself from those feelings by starting a new TV show, as I usually do. Little did I know that would be the day… Continue reading Skam and its International Appeal

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Quite the Peculiar Movie

Madeleine Kwan       Tim Burton is back at it again with yet another dark and eerie movie, Miss. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. This film was based roughly on the book series by Ransom Riggs of the same title. The movie aired on September 30th and had gotten a large 15.2M in box… Continue reading Quite the Peculiar Movie

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Emily’s Concert Tips

I love concerts.  To me, there’s nothing better than seeing your favourite band come out on stage and being in the audience, dancing, singing and jamming out.  I'm no professional concert-goer, really, but I think I've been to enough to share my personal advice and experience.  Here are my personal tips for going to concerts… Continue reading Emily’s Concert Tips