Superfluous Spending, Sales and Sustainability

By Safia Osoble

The season of excessive shopping has finally arrived. Black Friday recently passed, and the sales were… eye-wateringly unpleasant. This year during Black Friday, I limited myself to three articles of clothing, each an essential that I could see myself wearing countless times. The key question I ask myself when shopping is, “Do you actually like it? Or is it just a trend?” Many people, including myself, unconsciously buy a surplus of new articles of clothing because we see others wearing them. A couple months later, they will lie neglected in my closet. This is because fast fashion companies unethically mass-produce trending clothing items in order to reach the target audience. A lot of the time, they make a huge profit. We want to believe we are part of the brief, but fabulous, emerging movement or fad. We give no thought to the hard labour that created the item, and when it’s no longer trending, we won’t wear it anymore. 

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