“White Passing”: Between Identities

By Noor Mirza-Rashid

“White-passing”. The term, although only recently named as such, has been something I’ve felt my whole life. Although I’m Pakistani through and through, even according to 23andMe, the label has nearly defined me. Even my own family, since I was four years old, has referred to me as white. One of my only memories of my great-grandmother was sitting with her in the sunroom when she came back from Pakistan for the summer, her praising my pale skin and “Canadian” looks. My brother has made fun of me for being a Starbucks drinking white girl, made jokes about how I don’t even look brown, about how I’m not “a real p*ki”. At school, I’ve been laughed at (by white people) for calling myself brown, and in TikTok comments, I’ve been referred to, of course, as “white-passing”. 

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Acknowledging Asian Hate

By Christina Dinh

Scrolling through Instagram, looking through my friend’s stories, seeing post after post about the rise of hate crimes against Asian communities in Canada and the United States. Throughout the pandemic, I would see the occasional post regarding the increase in xenophobia and hatred towards Asian people. It felt strange seeing the amount of people now caring about the issue and raising awareness. Ultimately because I never felt like people cared at all.

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Thoughts About Being Mixed Race

“You’re not that Asian.” “You’re only half, that doesn’t really count.” “You don’t LOOK that Asian!” “You’re brother looks more Asian than you do.”“I couldn’t even tell you were Asian at first.” “What are you? Besides white?” My name is Emily Reynolds. Understandably, when you first see/hear this name, you probably think of a white girl. After all, they’re historically English names. “Emily” was the … Continue reading Thoughts About Being Mixed Race


By Sierra Bein Who are you? And What makes you, you? This is the unit that grade 12 English classes are exploring: Identity. Your identity is a compilation of everything that has touched your life. Whether you were in control of it or not, everything affects you in one way or another. In fact, as the classes discovered, most of what shapes us is out … Continue reading Identity