Ask Angel – The Final Online Stretch

Online learning is way harder for me than in person, I can’t focus on school at home and miss all the important information. It makes me feel way dumber. Summatives might be happening online and I need advice on how to fix this before I drop the ball hard in the final stretch. How do you adapt to online learning? Is it a different mindset or just that I need to change the desk I sit at? There’s 24 tabs open at once and I don’t know where the music’s coming from.

– Pro Procrastinator
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Summative Season Returns to Richview

By William Westaway Spring is coming to Richview, bringing with it a multitude of changes and events for our school. Starting in the coming weeks, our students will enjoy track and field, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and, of course, summatives. Completing the annual cycle, students will now begin to work on their final projects and studying for their final exams. This year, however, the age-old system … Continue reading Summative Season Returns to Richview